AA Landscape Urbanism Pavilion, Xian, China
Landscape Urbanism

AA Landscape Urbanism MA opens its pavilion as part of the Horticultural Fair that is taking place in Xian from April to October this year. The pavilion was a invitation to develop a small piece of landscape able to reflect the principles and concepts developed in the MA. The pavilion uses the water and the ground as the main drivers for the design. The ground is manipulated (folded, thickened, ) to allow the inland and lake water to to run through the pavilion by means of water inlets, pools, canals expanding the water experience into the hard and soft landscape in a seamless design.

Special thanks to ex AALU students : Hossein Kachabi, Jorge Ayala, Minjo Baek and AALU Tutors: Eduardo Rico and Alfredo Ramirez.