Intermediate Unit 5 - Beyond Entropy
Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Roz Barr

Beyond the Entropic Landscape

Michelle Choi: Surface tension, the plaster stool as a ready-made, the tracing of the edge, the mountain and the wall, the retaining wall as inhabited surface.

Graham Baldwin: Dividual, the leather boot, inside and outside, Dividual, the train station, old Brescia and new Brescia, divided city, floating platforms, Metropolitan line, regional networks, Intercity trains, Eurostar trajectory, five minutes’ delay.

Selim Halulu: The charged void, the field and the object, the obelisk and the void, the monolithic mass and the symmetrical void, the cemetery, underground space, silence, holes in the ground, reverse space.

Bella Janssens: Matter and anti-matter, virtual symmetry, a new geometry in San Polo, untouched facades, virtual geometry, enfilade, Narkomfin, rotated walls,
mirrored plane, dismissed gramophone.  

Andrea Kloster: Growth of the crystal, geometric construction, temporal chandelier, San Benedetto Po, clusters, the learning centre, open facilities, canopy in the landscape, steel workshops.

Fortune Penniman: Nature and Artifice, Palazzo The’, Giulio Romano, healing the landscape and healing the people, vegetation, excavation and reconstruction, a sign in the landscape, an archipelago, a land intervention.

Jack Self: Gravity and lightness, an aluminium zeppelin, the motorway,
suspended infrastructure, the toll of the motorway, slippery surfaces, the toll and the traffic jam, paradoxical space, private car and public space, progressive viewing an isolated approach.

Roland Shaw: Container and contained, the fireplace and the shelter, the supporting structure, retaining wall and the negative space, subverted urbanism, a new horizon, denial, a radical inversion.

Yeon Sung Lee: Hydraulic pressure, water features versus fountains, the water infrastructure, secret force, human tide, a dry landscape in the suburbs, unexpected gathering, bright sky and mirroring ponds, the secret life of the factory.

Mary Wang: The repetition and the ritual, beetroot for dinner, the stain and the hands, the walk in the gardens, the picturesque garden, San Polo, the walk through the suburb, the secret garden, unexpected romance.