mary wang
Inter 5

Daily life is entropic. Rituals are constructed to prevent it from turning into chaos. Table manners exist only to prevent the guests from eating each other.


A Locus Amoenus is inserted into Brescia. It mediates between the landscape and the city - nature frames architecture, architecture frames nature. It sections through Brescia, harmonizing the city with its inhabitants. 

On this processional trail, Brescia unfolds as the wilderness is approached - a 'view' of its entirety is revealed at its finale. 


The ritual is an attempt at an ideal. The garden is a recreation of paradise. 

The rituals of diningProduced by the dinnerThe ritual of traversing the Teatro Olimpico.Picturesque BresciaPicturesque BresciaProcessional trail of secret gardens - from Brescia, into the landscape.In order of appearance