fortune penniman
Inter 5

I am designing a scheme for the regeneration of a landscape.
The regeneration of an essential industrial process, that takes place precisely at the point of transition between city and 'entropy'.

The scheme exploits the tangent of development rather than attempts to reverse it. Rather than filling in the lakes, the lakes are exploited to their maximum economic capacity. 
However, one cannot 'regenerate' the landscape without providing for the population that lives in it.

By 'healing' the landscape one can also 'heal' the people. A 'healing' park; a trauma-centre for the rehabilitation of both landscape and people.

Sanatoriums are the most developed precedence of this; in sanatoria, due to the lack of medical cure, the landscape was the patient's cure. Doctors designed and prescribed landscapes.

I am designing a landscape, through industrial precedence, which would reconnect the population with the landscape they live in. Rather than mindless strip-malls and careless abuse of land. There is a strong desire for some kind of curative landscape, one which reminds them that they are not solely surrounded by countless iterations of entropic delirium.

A series of simple landscape interventions; altering the topography, water levels, noise levels, vegetation patterns, light concentrations, all orchestrated around how it could be used and experienced by the local population.

Hessian macro-weave; 
'energetic' prototypeForm generated through suspension positions 
Form as product of forces at playRustication as mediation in the Palazzo TeChanging contexts of Palazzo Te: historical island idyll to contemporary sprawl.Analysis of land-use on site; gravel quarry and infrastructures.Projected quarry expansion;  geological and economic projection.Section through landscape; alterations of clinical treatment island.Panorama visualisations across site archipelago.Ten-year expansion of quarry creating island archipelago, with each island contributing to the programme of 'healing.Final visualisation of the 'experiential' quality of the healing park.