Selim Halulu
Inter 5

The dialectic between the object and the field in relation to the notion of charged void was my interpretation of energy as form.  The project, Silent City, is a conceptual journey that initiated with an obelisk in Bedford Squre and concluded with an underground cemetery in the entropic landscape of Brescia, Northern Italy.

the make.Drawing displaying the different qualities of the make process. The site, the shuttering, the layering, the application of pressure.The remake reflects on the unmake.  The obelisk becomes a void.Aldo Rossi's project is analysed in conjunction with the obelisk prototype in terms of the relationship between solid and void and the monumental arrangement.In the above ground the existing landscape is preserved, the large openings have been introduced which display the underground cemetery. The earth that has been removed from the underground has been piled around the perimeter, emphasising the borders of the charged void.The existing urban fabric is reflected on to the site, as it defines the form of the silent city which operates below ground and links the two existing cemeteries whilst offering various programs such as, columbaria, burial plots, family mausoleums.The dialecT between the above and the below.A section of the silent city showing the subtle intervention on the above ground level of the intervention.The injected structures method was developed in order to design tombstones that were unique to each deceased.Visualisation showing the spatial quality of the main corridor of the cemetery and the effect of light introduced by the large openings above ground.