Adora shahriman
Inter 8

Massive immigration of Cuban Exiles in United States has led to conflicting issue of nostalgia according to different waves of exiles in this land of refuge and freedom, Miami. Taking music as medium of communication, outdoor music stage is created within the everyday life of Little Havana by transforming the remaining open carpark to an outdoor music urban stage where neighbours are both performers and audiences. The interior of urban fabric will be opened up as the scenic backdrop, whereas the carpark floor anchors everyday gathered events hence as the cornerstone in giving birth to the ambience of lively music. Incorporating 'acoustic curtain' as an element in the everyday soundscape is a tool for acoustics for best music experience. It is also becomes a medium for interaction in maneuvering visual and sound as well as dynamic movement of gathering that allows variety and flexibility in forming performers audience relationship in space. This project where music is embedded within the everyday life of Little Havana thus not only becomes a place for communication but also as a place of negotiation between individual private households in creating a new relationship of music experience in Little Havana.

Music as medium of nostalgia in Little HavanaSpatial system attributes to music rhythm and dynamism of audience and performers relationship in urban space. Placing indoor activities outside to domesticate and activate the outdoor parking space.Taking interior space as the scenic backdrop, the open car park space is transformed into a stage platform and as a base of outdoor meeting places. Hence this could grow into a pedestrian route by linking these parking spaces and places of interest along the main street of Little Havana.Merging a few mechanical phenomena of everyday life, e.g. curtains for intimacy,  windbreaker for privacy and drumhead for acoustics overall giving birth to a new system of fabrication in creating music soundscape.Ranging from street performance to a public concert, the car park is turned into an urban stage where occupants are both performers and audiences. The intention is that this would evolve and enrich the mundane everyday life to theatrical outdoor music performances.The Acoustic Curtains that are suspended on the new fabric wall create a open urban music soundscape that merge inside and outside space in Little Havana.While the space remains as a car park during non-performance period, the acoustic panel becomes an outdoor sun canopy.