Aras Burak
Diploma 3

Mont Beauvais project is an extension to the incomplete Beauvais Cathedral which would support the existing building and allow an exterior walk not only limited with the experience of ground level. The space is proposed as living space for the city of Beauvais treating the building not as a tourist attraction, as a great space: a 3D city center.

Supporting the cathedral from the weakest side, north. This would also allow more daylight to enter the cathedral from the south.Belem Cathedral in Toledo, merging two vaults to create a hybrid.Escalating proposal/route towards the new vault.The buffer zone between the Beauvais Cathedral and the rest of the city. Early concept for the completion of the nave, and the extension on north and east side of the Beauvais Cathedral.Extending the chapel lines towards the city, reaching the context.Structural alignment of the new proposal with the existing structure of the cathedral in plan.The new west facade will complete the circle of the cathedral into a plan.Existing Beauvais Cathedral overlayed with Mont Saint Michel and Viollet-le-Duc's Beauvais.