Visiting School

AA Berlin Laboratory
Aedes Network Campus Berlin
3–12 September 2010

Post-wall Berlin has emerged as a major player for contemporary cultural production within Europe if not the
world. A laboratory of lifestyles and modes of production, it attracts an influential community of highly creative people from around the globe. AA Berlin Laboratory harvests this energy by pairing AA- and Berlin-based skills.

The AA Berlin Laboratory explored the role of experimentation and the interdisciplinary ways of working within the architectural design process and as knowledge-generating devices. In its second year, this intense workshop focused on Tools and Systems of Experimentation. Over the course of nine days, individual workshop units conducted a series of experiments both in the laboratory/studio and field/city leading to physical constructions/ interventions. These units were headed by interprofessional teams with backgrounds in architecture, science and art. The workshop was accompanied by a public programme.

AA Berlin Laboratory was again hosted by Aedes Network Campus in the midst of East Berlin. It was open to students and professionals of architecture and related disciplines interested in exploring and contributing to architectural practice and forms of interprofessional production.

Olaf Kneer and Marianne Mueller are Unit Masters at the AA and curators of the Concrete Geometries Research Cluster. They are also directors of Mueller Kneer Associates, working on a number of buildings for the arts.