DRL Phase 1

Team: blue
Project: Natural Prosthesis

Jose Cadilhe (Portugal)
Julia Almeida (Brazil)
Michail Desyllas (Greece)
Salih Topal (Belgium)

This research is based on a conceptual approach towards synthetic ecologies, systems created to develop symbiotic relations with the environment. Therefore, we intend to explore how architecture can not only actively participate in the promotion of a better environment but also in the recomputation of complex ecological systems, augmenting its properties.  Thus, architecture is not designed as a passive element but as a proactive and metabolic system. Also, it expresses a new articulation between the artificial (human-made) and nature as a strategy that recomputes natural processes in order to enhance existing biodiversity. Ultimately, it is then that architecture becomes another living structure that participates in a vast ecological realm, a platform that generates an artificial ecosystem: a synthetic producer of nature.

Our research started analysing the river as complex and non linear system always changing and negotiating with several variables, namely, water flow, geology, vegetation, sedimentation and erosion. It is a non linear system that is influenced and influences its surroundings, always adapting and reshaping its path. Adaptation and time, negotiation between different systems, interrelationships and evolution, are notions that set the foundations of our proto(e)cologic proposal - Natural Prosthesis.

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