Cedric Price

Wish We Were Here

Cedric Price: Mental Notes
Saturday 5 to Saturday 26 March
Curated by Samantha Hardingham and Hans Ulrich Obrist in collaboration with AA Photo Library, The Cedric Price Estate, Jan Nauta and Scrap Marshall (POA) and students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG); Kilian Fabich and Stella-Sophie Seroglou, supervised by Wilfried Kühn, Armin Linke and Markus Miessen.

Cedric Price (1934–2003) was an architect, thinker and above all an Englishman of extraordinary generosity towards his subject. He had an independence of mind that can only come from a fondness for humans and a fascination for human nature. The films and drawings from Price’s personal notebooks that appear in the exhibition present Price challenging our understanding of what architecture might be, in discussions with students, colleagues, strangers and himself.

Photo by Sue BarrPhoto by Sue Barr