Core Studio 1
Emergent Technologies and Design

The eight-week Core Studio I commences with analysis of all the parameters and characteristics of the material systems generated in the Induction Studio, and uses the results of this analysis as the first generation of an evolutionary series. Through the application of evolutionary strategies and computational techniques the architectural qualities of different material systems will be recombined and enhanced over succeeding generations. As the systems increase in scale and three dimensional complexity through digital morphogenesis, a series of built models will explore the integration of material behaviour and fabrication processes.

Subject of design was a pavilion to be located on a site south of the Auditorium Park in Barcelona, Spain. The pavilion will have a spatial organisation and sufficient size to function as a Café by day and a cultural forum at night.

The materials system of the pavilion will have full structural integrity and the distribution and differentiation of its openings will produced environmental performances keyed to climate and programme. Biological models of development and computational techniques will be used to evolve the architectural qualities of your material systems, with multiple cycles of physical models at a range of scales to develop the integration of material behaviour and fabrication processes.

Cesar Martinez, Jacob Bekermus, Ignacio Marti, Pablo ZamoranoFatemeh Nasseri, Pierluigi D'Acunto, Georgios PapadogeorgakisJack Chandy Francis, Mohammad Suleiman, Gabriel Ivorra Morell, Shibo RenYasaman Mousavi, Erin Colshan, Mohammad Ali MirzaeiJeroen Janssen, Brett Watkins, Mavra Lazari, Paula Velasco UretaDarrick Borowski, Camila Rock De Luigi, Shanyun Huang, Nikoletta PoulimeniNorman Hack, Ivan Ucros Polley, Shanky Jain, Maria TiliakosRiyad Al Joucka, Sebastian Partowidjojo, Ali Farzaneh, Jens PedersenNicolas Leguina de Enterria, Rony Alghadban, Dominik Lisik, Sherwood WangZhenhang Hu, Nicholas Villegas Giorgi, Alkistis-Georgia Karakosta, Andrew VanMater