Parametric Junkies
DRL Phase 2

Dialectic Tower

Tutors: Patrik Schumacher & Christos Passas & Mirco Becker
Team: Jang Eun Cho [ Korea ] Konstantinos Mouratidis
[Greece] Rui Xiao Long [ China ] Qin Tao [ China ]

Our response to proto-tower is conceptually the development of
a system which consists of two structural elements [one taking on
loads under compression, the other mostly tensile] that co-exist
and co-operate, creating a dialogue and eventually reaching an
equilibrium-stable state.
By developing a system like this we achieve to create a really [relatively]
light-weight structure which implies a significant material
economy. In addition, it provides us with the opportunity to create
really long spans, huge open floor plans and an important level of
freedom in the articulation of the skin [transparency levels, etc]
since we eliminate the structural elements.
Using a branching logic for the under compression elements
and a sophisticated cable-net that works under tension we create
a skeleton on which additional sub-systems [floors, envelope,
circulation] are attached to synthesise a prototypical parametric
tower system which ultimately is expressed by our prototypical
architectural design.