F2F _ File_to_Factory
Media Studies

This course experimented with systemic procedures and speculation on the possibilities of production modes as both performative and sensual aspects of digital craft.  Focusing on subtractive fabrication processes, students explored issues of nonsequential scalar growth, surface articulation and materialization patterning via fabrication constraints and intensities.

Through our ability to design directly in the information level, students explored the novel range of control sensibilities for each and every part of our geometrical design in order to trigger a generative approach towards the craft of carving/contouring.


Students: Yonatan Buchandler, Lingxiu Chong, Philip Doumler, Jenny Hill, Thomas Holan Veiteberg, Ng Shi Qi.

Pigmented Plaster Prototype
Digital cellular skin studies.Digital cellular skin studies.Layered wax prototype.Foam and plaster prototype.Material contour analysis.Resin and glass wax prototype.Resin and glass wax prototype.File to Factory prototypes presentation.File to Factory prototypes presentation.