DRL Phase 2


Tutor: Theodore Spyropoulos
Team: Elina Pattichi [ Cyprus ] Brendon Carlin [ USA ]
Afra Farry [ USA ] Kyle Chou [ USA / TAIWAN ]

Foamation(s) research focuses on developing a proto-system materialised
through a time-dependent deployment of a soft system
actuated by latex and foam. The research also explores the enabling
of material organisation for architecture and urbanism through
self-recognition; geometrical and behavioural rule sets and dataresponsive
agency. To explore specificity, a post-earthquake scenario
was introduced at a later phase in the development. The scenario
functions as a realm of operation to spawn one adaptation of
the system to a specific and demanding situation. The emphasis of
the Proto system is to create adaptability, intelligence and behaviours
that address issues of inhabitation. In the specific scenario, the
focus of the system is to create stabilisation, shelter and scaffolding
for the city’s reconstruction.