DRL Phase 2


Tutors: Yusuke Obuchi & Robert Stuart-Smith
Team: Povilas Cepaitis [ Lithuania ] Diego Ordonez [ Ecuador ]
Carlos Piles [ Spain ] Lluís Enrique [ Spain ]

Constant Formwork is an evolutive fabrication system based on
using the form as formwork for the next form.
Proto-tectonics deals with the combination of the concepts of time
and material through the juxtaposition of two different planes: generative
design research and production processes. We understand
evolution as a production system as opposed to mass production
and mass customisation, rethinking the protocols of the casting
technique by transforming formwork from the mere technical tool
for construction into a generative design tool. Casting on Casting
produces highly evolved structural field conditions which are able
to generate space, exhibiting gradual changes as well as mutated
anomalies, distorting the legibility of the entire body while keeping
its integrity and overall coherence.
We see architecture as a state of Constant Formwork.