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DRL Phase 2


Tutors: Patrik Schumacher & Christos Passas
Team: Ermis Chalvatzis [ Greece ] Chen Jian [ China ]
Natassa Lianou [ Greece ] Andri Shalou [ Cyprus) ]

KRAMA is the exploration of a Proto-tower which, as its name
implies (from the Greek κράμα//krama = alloy), is a synthesis,
mixing and developing relations between multi-systems and
subsystems to ultimately produce one interconnected soma – one
organism able to perform as one unit with its inherent intelligence
and rules.
Thus KRAMA_Version 1.0, which is performing at Tromso, North
Norway, proposes a new type of habitation for this area, a kind of
social network that is able to accommodate and ‘protect’ the residents
from the harsh climate and the lack of sunlight. Moreover, its
fibrous materiality converts our creature into a cluster of bundled,
aggregated and mutated luminous veins, able to trigger social
interactions and collective behaviours and interrelationships.
Krama is therefore a matter of relationships between people as
well as between tectonic systems and subsystems of the structure,
while the inherent micro-intelligence of each organism generates
local adaptations and global variations.