lower lee valley - group 1
Housing & Urbanism

Lower Lea Valley remains an unusual and randomly developed inner periphery of London with great potential, and the area is now subject to strong forces of change.  The study area’s inherent qualities are explored and employed through design proposals that attempt to establish a het­erogeneous system of spatial, social and economic allianc­es, re-connecting the area into East London’s urban fabric.
We propose a development strategy with three scales of spatial logic, and offer three interlinked projects which explore the potentials of industrial es­tates, of infrastructural nodes and of engaging with the landscape to develop workspace neighborhoods. The amalgamated proposal explores the intrinsic paths of growth and development in the study area, and inserts a range scales and types of spatial interventions. The overall project develops a methodology to combat the adversi­ties of the site and to create an agreeable and productive place for living and working.