lower lee valley - group 3
Housing & Urbanism

Productivity is the generator of new urban environments. Through ecologies created by innovative relationships a city can begin to reassess its potential for growth. An area can become formal or informal, as a result of existing variables within a community and of new encounters.
The aim of the project is to reinterpret the Royal Docklands through tools, themes, and methodologies that can be used to create a new productive environment. By reclaiming introverted industrial land and introducing new industrial sectors, on varying scales, we will develop proposals to respond to existing conditions as well as creating new potentials of productivity. We have chosen to engage with three areas of activity: industry, infrastructure, and institutions. These three tools help to develop our argument as we experiment with the potential for their evolution.
We have chosen food and film as established industries which can be the drivers of our productive ecology because of the possibilities each of these industries has in developing beyond their typical models, related to themes of production, consumption, and education.