Visiting School

Bleaching Green IE School of Architecture
9–17 July 2010

In its second round the AA/IE Madrid Summer School explored the relation between architecture and energy use in the near future. Having Madrid as research ground, case study and headquarters, students investigated specific urban sustainable challenges.

Moving away from greener clichés the Bleaching Green workshop ventured into uncharted territories blending
design intuition and technological invention. By casting a critical eye on current sustainability and environmental strategies, the course objective was to investigate architecture as a blend of artificial and natural systems.

Based on the success of the first AA/IE Madrid Summer School, Bleaching Green invited various speakers and contributors such as artists, scientists, innovators and agent provocateurs from different backgrounds in order to create a rich and interdisciplinary creative atmosphere. New materials, creative partnerships and prototype pieces were part of this architectural
design research-led workshop. The output was in the form of animations, kinetic components, built prototypes and elegant drawings, models and renderings.

Evening lectures, site visits and architectural tours gave an insight into the subject and the city itself. The course aimed to target enthusiastic architectural students at any point of their studies and recent graduates. It provided a stage for debating contemporary architectural ideas, digital and analogue techniques, with an emphasis on inventive design and
experimental manufacturing processes.

Ricardo de Ostos has taught at Lund University and at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He has worked for Peter Cook, Future Systems and Foster + Partners and will curate the Brazilian Pavilion for the London Festival of Architecture in 2010.