Nabila Mahdi

My work throughout this year has generally revolved around exploring the human body, exploiting its capability to an exaggerated extent. 

A self-portrait depicting the feeling of a new environment. Carrying a mirror around in a journey from a new home to the school - a new routine. Having the perspective of the environment bended and interrupted by a projection of another figure, in another place. An abstract map derived from a journey of robbers who poses as musicians who rents a room in an elderly woman's house as they plot their thieving plans across Kings Cross St Pancras Station. The movie, 'The Ladykillers' created a fictional home that welcomes one to Argyle Street just opposite Kings Cross St Pancras Station as they open the front door. And Copenhagen Junction across Caledonian Road as they open the back door. This fictional home acts almost like a portal. Here it is expressed how journeys and time are abandoned in the cinematic world.Arguing the two-dimensionality and the three-dimensionality of the human body. Mapping out the human planes based on a patterned skin. Looking at how our skin is a two-dimensional fabric that is embedded upon a three-dimensional sculpture that is our body.  A Leather body suit derived from mapping out a patterned skin. A drawing/collage of the assumed reflections and sound travels within my bathroom. An army of metal alloy casts of an object I collected in one of the markets I visited in Paris. Its specific functionality is still unknown.One of the eight door designs which was derived from an object I collected in Paris. The only thing I could catch from the Frenchmen who sold me this object was that it has something to do with doors, and is approximately 40 years old.