Polar Ants
DRL Phase 1

Team Name:Polar Ants
Project Name:North Pole Research Facility

Anais Mikaelian (Egypt)
Bita Mohamadi (Iran)
Laila Selim (Egypt)
Lukasz Szlachcic (Poland)
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The primary investigation of this project is to balance the relationship between a physical environment and function through a dynamic study of material behaviour and architectural mutation. The project is located on the ice cap of the Arctic Ocean; an environment which exhibits harsh climatic conditions for human survival as well as fluctuating changes of the ground condition. The architectural transformation and adaptability is therefore directly influenced by the natural environment; a quality which is evident in the evolution and survival of living organisms.
We are proposing an adaptable, fluctuating and contextual scientific research facility on the Arctic ice cap. The changing climatic conditions in the Arctic region have allowed for a much greater investment of time and energy into the exploration of this still vastly unknown area. There has been a steady influx of new discoveries of species and living organisms inhabiting the ice cover and Arctic waters within the last few years alone. Our architecture is meant to facilitate in these explorations while making habitation of the Arctic more feasible.

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