DRL Phase 1

Dialetic Fields.
Patrik Schumacher, Mirco Becker.

Leonid Krykhtin(Russia)
Sharan Sundar(India)
Sai Ganesh(India)
Kwanphil Cho(South Korea)

The studio’s main agenda aims to create communicative system in the domain of architecture that moves away from conventional architectural language. The scale of university campus and the amount of information that constitute provide an opportunity for us to be able to introduce a system of signification within existing built environment. The advent of complex network society and high speed development in latest technology are changing the educational environment unprecedentedly. The realm of education is extended to all generations and new educational environment is constantly blurring its boundaries between programs, spaces, disciplines and activities. Hence, the university campus should have the quality of field that reflect complex dynamic of university campus. The challenge lies in how to make differentiation for the dynamism of program, spatial and functional relationships and articulating them parametrically. For Phase I, The team focused on finding logic of parametric differentiation in programs and formal language through shell geometry as a formal repertoire of architectural language that are part of semiotic system. In order to Refine these differentiations, path optimisation and crowd simulation were employed as a means of understanding the relationship between the users and the system.