DRL Phase 2

P r o t o C o [ o ] L

Tutors: Marta Malé-Alemany & Daniel Piker & Jeroen Van Ameijde
Team: Fabrizio Cazzulo [ Italy ] Alexandros Kallegias [ Greece ]
Igor Pantic [ Serbia ] SeoYun Jang [ South Korea ]

Our aim is to develop a responsive design system that will allow an
instantaneous on-site design and fabrication process. This will be
done through the use of real-time evaluation of the structures
being built by a machinic system in collaboration with humans.
In contrast to a linear design and fabrication sequence, we are proposing
a system based on a constant loop between the scanning
and evaluation of what has already been built and the generation
of a series of future steps, also taking into account site conditions
and performance-based criteria. A robotic arm is used as a primary
machinic device, while the material system consists of aggregated
components that enable incremental growth of the structure and
intervention into the process of formation.
The machinic fabrication system no longer follows predetermined
design patterns, but has an intelligence of its own and the capacity
to evaluate situations and make decisions that deal with its surroundings.
These decisions follow constraints based on the grammar
developed by the architect.