summer dlab
Visiting School

2–13 August 2010

The AA Summer dLab offered visiting architects and students an opportunity to be involved in an intense two-week workshop that openly experimented with the potential of innovative digital design and its relationship to prototyping, manufacturing and communication technologies. The programme introduced participants to a changing array of computational platforms, while providing a forum to openly discuss and exchange ideas on progressive takes on digital design.      

dLab participants were introduced to the basics of digital modelling, scripting, portability between applications
and experimentation in the integration of software-based environments to prototyped production. They also explored laser cutting, CNC-milling, 3D printing and other forms of design output, pursuing an opportunity to work directly with these and other advanced design technologies while furthering their knowledge, skills and understanding of some of today’s most advanced computational tools.  

The course itself was organised as an intensive two-week workshop combining seminars and design exercises with presentations and discussions with teaching staff and visiting critics. Students were enrolled in one dLab unit in which they continued throughout the course of the programme. Each group’s work was guided towards a design proposal presented as a finished design project at the end of the two weeks. These projects provided a solid foundation for the further development of their interests and abilities.  

All units used a wide range of the most common software, including but not limited to AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, 3DStudio Max, Maya, ANSYS Products and graphics editing software. Each unit, however, adopted a specific set of applications as a common platform to initiate unit-based projects.

Eugene Han runs AVAStudio, researching and developing systems in industrial design, computation and architecture.