Song Jie Lim
Inter 2

Perfume House

Dwelling . Emporium . Atelier

This project seeks to incoporate scent within the design process of architecture; in which olfactoric and anosmic zones begin to shape boundaries and treshold. Thereby defining the physical volumetry and spatial organization of the final creation. The resulting architecture becomes more than just a container of scents; having the capability to circulate and orchastrate its ‘indoor pollutants’ to form fragrant layers and smelly corners whilst leaving voids for the nose to rest and breathe freely. Like the Scent Bubble installation, the architecture of the project focuses on containing and releasing the invisible and the atmospheric.










This scented Section illustrates the olactorial journey through the remodelled and retro-fitted Victorian house. Whilst the perfumer’s penthouse remains a private area, seperated from the public, the atelier and enflerage chamber are exposed through a series of cuts in the building fabric, exploiting the varying height differences introduced to prevent backflow and proper air circulation.

Responding to fragrances that escape from the house, the exterior world is fashioned accordingly. Moss lined treescapes and lavish flowerbeds  thus provide a stark contrast between the natural and the artificial, the organic and the refined.