Thesis 2009/2011
Emergent Technologies and Design

Three main fields of design research are offered – Active Material Systems with Advanced Fabrication, Natural Ecological Systems Design (currently focused on shorelines and deltas), and Urban Metabolic Design (currently focused on algorithmic design for energetic models of new cities in emergent biomes). Students may choose one of the three fields, and will work in pairs. The Design Research Studio facilitates the development of a deeper understanding of emergence and its application to advanced production in architecture, urbanism and ecological engineering, while integrating theoretical discourses, science and the insights gained from experiments. It will develop the ability to analyse complex issues and to engage in independent research. The Design Research Studio concludes with the presentation of the fully developed Thesis/Dissertation proposal.

Juanjo Gonzalez CastellonKangjian GuoYu Qianqian and Chen YuRadhika Radhakrishnan and Sebastian NauCheng Yu-Hung and Jiang QibingChen ChuanDishita TurakhiaMohamad el Khayat and Guangyuan Li