Xiaoshian Industrial City
Landscape Urbanism

Xiaoshian Industrial City

Jean-Francois Pflumio, Meghan leininger


The approach to our site is a three prong approach: the concept of a transport and infrastructure based city, configuration of the land and water so that it fits seamlessly with the intentions of the environment, and to develop urban areas in conjunction with the plans that the Chinese government has proposed. By identifying the airport city and industrial growth, we can them determine how the region might also want to develop. At this point, we are interested in creating an airport city and community that is self-sustaining, but also can be integrated to the future expansion of urban fabric. The second part of our agenda is to identify the key areas where remediation of the land and water would be most ideal. Part of this is to prevent the further destruction of agricultural land while hopefully creating additive agricultural plots within the site. We also hope to create a carbon neutral industrial site with remediation areas that can also be multi-purpose. The last approach is to analyze the agenda of the Chinese government for this site and see how we can maximize or minimize their agenda by perhaps having an integrated proposal along with population and agricultural growth.

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