Zijiang District
Landscape Urbanism

Zijiang districts, Hangzhou, China

 Euhna Ham, Zaneena Hyder, Rui Liu

Zijiang district is located towards the southeast of Hangzhou city. The north and east side of the site is surrounded by mountains and the Qiantang River runs along the west side. The major occupation of the people of this area is rice farming and Longjing tea, and Longjing tea has been the most representative agricultural product of this area. The popularity and quality of the Longjing tea has always attracted tourists to the farmland, so Chinese government has proposed to develop Zijiang district into a tourism destination.

We propose developing agro tourism and agro based industries in this site. In order to make strong Tea industry as a agro based industry, we build new efficient systems for farming and producing Tea, based on road and irrigation network. Good quality of environment for tea farms is set by wind breaker and water supplying equipment. Touristic network included amenities is also generated based on the tea infrastructure. These infrastructures are extended into the city area to riverside, and will combine another ecologic infrastructure by canals and rice fields. Water infrastructure was proposed by water capacity, required water consumption and risk of flooding. It covers from hillside to riverside making connection between tea farm area, hillside, and urban-side. Rice fields located in city area are re-ordered by new canal network. These infrastructures for tea, rice and water can make the link between farming and city, and be also basement of touring network for agro tourism. Lastly, it will make ecological balance in the new city for its sustainable growth of agriculture and city.