angela park
Diploma 4

My project explores the link between the architecture of conflict and water management as a potential for new urbanisation.

It is a proposal for a reinterpretation of the extra territorial condition of contemporary cyprus and a plan to re-align its water system to a new post-national territory.

Island made by new island cities as a way to respond to reorganising water ownership in Cyprus.

Selection of a series of new Islands with strong and distinct spatial quality to create a new urbanisation system.

Everything else around these new islands will have autonomous and self-sufficient water systems.
By separating them from each other, this defines the structure of the Islands within the Island.
Ironically, completely surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Cyprus has been suffering from water problems due to the irregular rainfall conditions for a long time.What we have today is a system that enhances territorial partition.
Growing water demands bring the construction of new infrastructure.
This complex architecture of the conflict is operating at different scales. It has been proven that the most controversial aspect of water distribution is not scarcity but allocation and control.Water analysis

I am focusing my project on using of water to re-arrange the architecture of this conflict. 
I use architecture as both the object of my work and the method of enquiring.Resolution 01 _7islands

What will be the business of the future city and what system would bind it together?
My project acts on urban growth and combines it with a new architecture for water management.
Can architecture be a broker of resolutions?
The project also seeks to turn this on its head and envision how I can devise strategies for an Architecture of Resolution.Resolution 02

I have identified a series of new Islands with different characteristics.
They offer a framework to negotiate water management at the local level.