Cliff Tan
Inter 12

It will be utterly honest, unlike so many white elephantine projects that bear programmes to overplay and justify their extravagant build, this project will refuse, and its purpose will clearly be the calling, the device, the game and the symbol. This is beyond a life-sized installation, it will be a moment, just as Pruitt-Igoe was remembered as the moment modern architecture died, this too, will be an event for architecture, one of such perversity that it will mark itself into the annals of St. Louis as a date rather than the object of its construct. It is the very scale that justifies its existence, it needed to be big, the site is so rich it needed a fitting landmark, the conditions needed this project, and its lofty ambition to become planned wastage was to be an act of sheer opulence. Though, the fact that this wastage is not conceived, but rather, a direct reflection, or copy, if you will, of the conditions having existed as well as is continuously existing that makes the entire matter so real to the level of madness. This is an attempt to artificially synthesize the oscillating reversals of sentiments in the American city, and it also wastes a lot of money.

An elaborate copy of a Tower of Babel Sketchup model, with a too-true narrative. 75000-metres highA continuous image showcasing the life of the Pruitt-Igoe site. Yes, this image can be linked into a ring.An analysis of the passage of time between the two cities: Venice and The Venetian in Macao.A satire of public housing, the monstrosity, the solution, the utopia, the event.Architectural axonometric showing my project in vivid detail.Stop-frame animation of the site's century-long history,  and counting.A scan of a 1 April issue of the St Louis Post-Dispatch reporting the new project.Planned implosion of my project the very moment it is completed.That's what copy is all about, the collage of the banal to create the absolutely fantastic!