Annabel MacLeod
Guess!Series of casts of a Tin Whistle I bought at a Paris Flea Market. Some of the materials I used to cast were paper, papier mache, puter, chocolate, wax, gel flex and modelling clay.Exploring Camouflage, using plastic bags to create a dress that would allow you to blend into the background within the shop, whose walls are covered in them.Exploring blending into the background, using illusion wheels to simulate the live process of disappearing from view.Looking at relieving cyclists using a brace that they would fit onto themselves and then lie on a bench or the ground to apply pressure. Theoretically this would apply pressure on the tension points on your back that would need relaxing.Looking at how nature can be a personalised installation. Using the surrounding landscape in an area within Dorset and created a key that would allow every cyclist that would arrive at this rest point to find a specific tree adapted to their size, which they would be able to use to stretch. A leaflet would be available for people to find out which stretches they would like to perform.Combining Hundreds of French Metro Tickets together to create abstract models.Exploring order and how the perception of order depending on the person changesExploring order and how the perception of order depending on the person changesVideo