anouk ahlborn
Inter 12




Following the Inter 12 Unit brief "Deep Copy" I have been using more direct and indirect ways of copying to inform my design. Starting off by thinking about the original of a copy being an ideal such as the Garden of Eden which has only been expressed through visual representation or text, I had to set up my own original to base my design on: Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, ca. 1500, oil on wood triptych. 

The forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, the symbol of the apple has allowed me to think about wider contexts of different activities, programs and even graphical representation. My research on apples and their cultural image allowed me to think about copying as a strategy to make something more perfect than its original.

Constantly trying to develop a suitable drawing technique to merge the natural and artificial contexts found through the apple, I used the organization of the orchard through the grid, the architectural type of the greenhouse and industrial spaces to express the nature of the project. 

I used the format of the triptych to synthesize all the ideas I had come across throughout the design process.

Seeing the apple as an artificial consumer product, I covered the simplified wireframe structure of a 3D digital model of an apple with Hubba Bubba apple-flavoured chewing gum to express its manufactured, synthetic nature.MANUFACTURING NATURE.
In a series of collages I have been speculating about the relationship between natural and industrial spaces and mythical and art historical elements as contexts of the apple.HYBRIDISING INDUSTRIAL AND MYTHICAL SPACES. 
I repeated the rigid plan of the Thanet Earth tomato greenhouse all over the Temple Mount, a potential location of the Garden of Eden, to talk about the grid as an organisational tool for my proposal.HYBRIDISING INDUSTRIAL AND MYTHICAL SPACES. 
This is one example of how the banality of the greenhouse in section, elevation or plan might merge with more fantastical worlds.REINTERPRETING THE PICTURESQUE.
Drawing revealing the coexistence of mythical elements and mechanical devices at the corners of four greenhouses without roof.
In the hyperorchard visitors would be able to have a picnic under the endless rows of commercial apple and picturesque Eden trees.View inside the Cider FactoryREDESIGNING THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS. 
Front cover of the final triptychREDESIGNING THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS. 
The final plan of Granny Smith's Garden of Earthly Delights shows the hyperorchard, tree nursery, lake, plaza for the Big Apple Dance, apple packhouse, apple storage, cider garden, cider river, cider bar, garden of the Hesperides, the Eden tree collection, chewing gum shop, Apple Corps Ltd., Apple Boutique and Film and iTunes music centre. REDESIGNING THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS. 
Inside the final triptych