antonis papamichael
Inter 2

This year was used as an opportunity to use a narrative/story as a means of research on how a building can be bespoke and adaptable at the same time.

What is the architect's position when he becomes emotionally invested in the future inhabitant rather than his design. How does that relate to the original question?

A house bespoke to a relationship.

A house bespoke because it is adaptable.

A movie unmade.

The importance of building up a relationship with your neighbour, through the buildingThe invasive neighbour is introduced, as well as his obsession with an invasive material: soap.On a sunny Sunday morning, the infrastructure for the soap house is being attached on top of the existing house.The contrast between the rigidity of the existing house and the fluidity of the soap house and its infrastructure.To start things off well, the new neighbour gives a Black and Decker toolkit as a gift to the owner. 

He knows the owner will need it as the melted, cast, remelted and rebuilt soap leaks through the walls.When Friedrich guides the soap from floor 2 to floor 1, the owner guides the soap from floor 1 to floor 2. 

A relationship is being built up.
There is tension.

The house keeps adapting to correspond to the state of the neighbours' relationship.

The house is bespoke because it adapts.The control room. The heart of the pipe work that guides the soap downwards.As the soap comes downwards, a cavelike room is being created, contrasting with the sterile walls while at the same time being a paradox.

The separation wall is where both neighbours focus to in order to interact or to avoid interaction.As years go by, through experience there is more control over the guidance system. The last drops of soap are guided to create an interaction space.

A moment of love and the house reminds them of it.

They melted the differences away and rebuilt with the similarities in mind.A (literal) section through the neighbourhood, focusing on the structure and how the soap is guided within it.