Inter 3
An Acoustic Lyrical Mechanism

Harvesting Wind an endless source of energy, in bespoke locations, with an ambient byproduct a manifestation of a symphonic harmony translating the invisible into a sound-scape. More than just a passive container for sound, but a performing 'Lyrical mechanism' echoing the noise within and creating a space of ephemeral escape, on an exposed and isolated hostile landscape on the edge of Bangalore city, a gradually crumbling, disappearing land quarried out daily is also home for the sacred, a temple nested on the highest point left in the quarry, a sign of humanity in a place where the machine is dominating.

Played by the landscape an 'Aeolian Harp' inverting the severe conditions found on site into a melodic ephemeral symphony enhancing the perception of that same destructive natural phenomenon. Blurring the boundary between a building and a musical instrument, sound actively shaping the spaces inhabited to shelter the acoustics creating a retreat in a brutal unexpected location where the contradiction of extreme worlds exist.
prototype testing of Energy and Acoustic Instruments Triggered by Wind wind and sound flow village path/ sound and wind path Tone quality graph