Hans-Christian Buhl
Diploma 10

Space can only be perceived through movement, which implies time as an alternative scale for space. The insertion of a new high speed train line creates further distortion of the spacial reality of London. The station as the interface between the local and the metropolitan space plays a key role as it mediates between the two spaces.

Paddington stations isolated, fragmented and hidden nature prevents every attempt of negotiation with its surrounding. Through cuts into the urban tissue, the station becomes visually connected with the street. These grooves connect the different stations in paddington with the city creating new trajectories.

Through architectural means like a perspectival effect and the density of structure and light, the spread of the existing control structures and an image space, the perception of time and space while in transition.

Urban pockets at the city end of the cuts provide the needed facades for the station and provoke an active engagement with the local people and businesses.