danecia sibingo
Diploma 18

Swarm Ice Attack is a system of collective units of similar size of which behavior moves toward the areas of large ice density and communicated between with each other.

It uses ice as a construction material to create Ice Islands that will help the process of melting in Antarctica and the loss of habitat.

Swarm Ice Attack is a system that will harvester ice and make use of the freeze and melt cycles that produce fresh-water to create a constantly changing environment and create habitat to the endangered wild life. Tourism will be encouraged to provide an education for people interested in green peace and climate change.


Swarm Ice Attack will prevent ice a larger surface area of ice for the wild life and provide them lost ice land that they have been suffering as a result of the breaking and melting of the ice shelf and ice caps. The ice islands are temporary structures which will eventually melt over time therefore they don’t cause any harm or damage to the environment. The snow spraying will enable the ice to last for longer than it usually does, by keeping it constantly dry and solid. Preventing the ice going into Warmer Ocean means the sea ice will melt slower. By doing so Ice Islands are created this will provide more habitats for wild life and improve the food chain. More sea ice is formed therefore less solar radiation heats the water therefore more light is reflected back to the atmosphere.

The process of gathering and creating the Ice Islands from the existing broken ice will be allowed to be observed and will act as a way to bring awareness to people. The floating units will act as trappers that will stop the ice from moving further away from the coast and ultimately create Ice Park which will host the wild life in danger, acting as an educational park for tourists. 

As a result of the creation of the ice islands, tourists will be able to visit and follow the process of creating the Ice Islands and to tour in the Ice Park. The Ice Park is within the Islands, and it provides the tourists the opportunity to have a close look to the changing environment and ecosystem. It includes programs that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhance the cultural integrity of the wild life. An integral part of EcoTourism will promote energy efficiency, water conservation, and creation of economic opportunities for the Ice Park.