daniel christiansen
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Contemporary urban living is for a habitat and its occupiers not always synonymous with privacy and intimacy. The urban environment can build up into powerful intrusion onto people’s private spaces and be in opposition to a certain comfortable isolation which is essential to urban living.
 My project deals with integrating a higher level of privacy and intimacy in the context of a Parisian urban block. I believe the Hausmannian design scheme of allowing for maximum light and visual exposure is not compatible with this: contemporary urban living lacks of a certain degree of ‘cocooning’ at the scale of the block in the City of Light.
 My proposal isolates a given block from its immediate surroundings within the city. The conditions I wish to integrate are aimed at projecting scenarios in terms of spatial arrangements: generating privacy within the core of the structure whilst allowing for degrees of porosity to emerge by rendering the block’s envelope more heterogeneous.

Study of Roman urban pattern: layered interferences help create spatial qualities within the urban fabric that allow for ambiguity between private and public spaces.Urban moments:
Snapshots of urban scenarios were taken and analysed. Framing of space and consequential light conditions.Urban moments become extruded into spatial moments that augment the reality of the framing within the pictures.Spatial moments applied within the context of a given Parisian Haussmannian block: spatial carving realtes back to roman patterns allowing for ambiguous interstitial spaces to appear on the edge of the plot areaFacade analysis
The paper architecture of the given site is studied from the basic information suggested by the facade reading.Spatial qualities of the consequential carving of the block. The standard Haussmannian block's hierarchy of rooms is disturbed and allows for smaller and less important rooms to dominate the habitat.Interstitial pavement:
The block as a habitat obtains an additional layer reducing its exposure to its immediate surroundings densifying privacy and intimacy.Commercial spaces are allowed to interact slightly with the street and generate a certain degree of localism.A3 Render with diagram
Interior sace carving and light conditionSectionnal model building
The envelop of the block is rebuilt through sections: the moment frame is adapted onto this carving to form not a facade, but and intermediary stage before the private habitat