Donika Llakmani
Inter 9

A play of nature in its organic vs artifical created garden on Gaudi's unfinished Colonia Guell Crypt. Where six towers register Gaudi's unbuilt ones, in both a space inhabiting manner and a symbolic translation through color. Each tower consists of three components; the white reflected ceramic base, the steel rib structure, and the skin which consists of the natural hydroponic climbing plants and the sunlight absorbent glowing rods.

Skin component from viewpoint of 3D scanner from Toni Cumella's glaze colour containers.
Solid base component from ceramic fragments.Rib component fragments reassembled to form tower structure.Rib structures to all towers related to glaze colours.Details of artificial skin creating a glowing, haunting and yet spiritual atmosphere. Skin and ribs in relation to crypt level and columns.Adapting towers to those of Gaudi in terms of colour symbolism and plants.Initial elevation of night-time glowSix different routes and views around Colonia Guell that influence the passage through the towers.Detail of combination of three components. The Holy Spirit tower symbolised by the Dove on Gaudi's unbuilt tower is translated into the red colour.