Dot net
DRL Phase 1

Team name: DOT NET
Project name: CaCO3
Adrian Aguirre [Mexico]
Hyoun Heen Na [Korea]
Justin Kelly [Ireland]
Carlos Sarmiento  [USA]
Our research aims to establish new patterns of oceanographic science. We are attracted to this scenario for two reasons: the urgent importance of marine research as an underexplored area of science and the opportunity to encourage a mutual symbiosis between humans and coral reef ecosystems. Thru the actuation of biorock technology, the objective is to enable an architecture that can function as a contributing member of an ecology. Materials research guides the project's performance above and below the water. Geological implants aim to thrive in the changing landscape of remote atolls. The project seeks to create non-human forms of inhabitation thru the deployment of a machinic network capable of creating coral reefs. Marine scientists are the active participants of the project. At a larger migrational scale, they collectively travel between Pacific atolls with different degrees of inhabitation, carrying out experimental forms of oceanic architecture.