Metamorphic Urban Skins
Landscape Urbanism

a dialectic symbiosis
-S. Kelvekar, S. Chuang

The project attempts to understand the dynamics of singularities in conditions and their coexistence, with respect to the intervention expected. The dialectics it creates is needed to be reconnoitred and needs to be conceived as a synergetic evolution of conditions; and hence [Metamorphic Urban Skins].
The site is a rich resource of ecological and social treasure. The lucrativeness - the geographical location - provides to the port industry threatens these existing resources.

This would mean the entire conception of the development needs to be a multi scalar outlook, with absolute attention to all the existing ground conditions. Only then the site would perform ingeniously, establishing relations between dialectic conditions, performing in conjunction, and evolving constructively in future.
Our proposal looks the island as urban nuclei, an integral part of the port network of the region in the coming future. The proposal comprehensively integrates and provides a sensitive attention to the ecology of the region.
To make the entire island work as a networked urban we intend to introduce fragmented magnets of infrastructures. The strategy is to organise from the southern coastline, where immediate attention is required, and then further progress up north into the more diversified conditions.

The fragments of infrastructure first introduced were the elements on the coastline, which help in proliferating coastal activities, in terms of port industries, fishing activities, marinas for tourists, areas promoting breeding of migrating birds etc. Further from the coastline we crawl over the topography in an attempt to connect to the other side, the valley. We then establish a hold over the topography and introduce the feasible programmes, and testing their anticipated relations to the coastline and the valley. The infrastructures which connect the coastline and the valley cater to beyond their immediate programmatic realms. They serve to both local programmes as well as the heavy industrial activities. The project evolves in time as with the change in any single parameter.
The project hence considers the ground conditions as a surface, a skin capable of changing and adapting to mutating conditions with transforming the structure from one form to another subtly.

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