eleni tzavellou
Inter 4
Journey from public to private within the City of a Thousand FacesRearrangement of elements in the journey from public to private 
as an attempt to merge and collapse the different faces that the city can acquire.From the site investigation of static and dynamic factors in Saint-Dennis area I followed the senses (light, sound, smells and tastes) around the block. The finding of the process is the cyclical circulation of dynamic elements during day and night from right to left . There is a clear division from three main attractors (right, left and inner block)The geometrical relations of the facade modules can be interpreted as a screen that projects what is hidden behind the room's layout.By rearranging textures found on locus and questioning the Parisian alignment, ambiguous spaces emerge that generate unique moments hidden within the landscape.The different shapes occur according to the position of each small-scale intervention and the relative influence of the three attractor points that derive from the site investigation.Density can occur from small-scale interventions that envelope the existing facade, provide new adaptable spaces and visual concentration by collapsing and merging the different faces that the city can acquire.Framing the small 'unique moments' within a city of rules and regulations.