Elena Palacios Carral
Diploma 9

IN SITE / The City as an Object

The project explores the city as an object.

Nowadays architecture and urbanism work within cities in a separated manner promoting the fragmentation of the cities, in were architecture promotes the development of individual interests and urbanism its collective form.

As a response I transformed what is traditionally understood as a project of urban planning into a purely architectural subject. I used an Olympic City  as a tool to reconfigure an urban proposal into an architectural one.


This is one of the layers of the athletes' village, the pool during Olympic times. In its post-Olympic condition it becomes the suburban community of the city.
I understand this community at two scales: its relationship with the city (contained in the city), and its interior relationships (a constructed environment for living). At both scales the space is a neighbourhood that connects in all directions with the city and as part of the building.At its Post-Olympic condition.Urban vs landscape density.After the Olympics is over, the core expands outwards, and the landscape or exterior core expands inwards, converging the interior/exterior vertical components of the city.Contained within the object, the suburban, the urban, the tension by juxtaposition, and the open space, that wrap around the core.

The object sits in tension with a suburban context, works within an urban context, in tension again in relation to another city, or even in isolation.

Context within context.