evangelos gerogianni
Inter 13
The Gherkin is an example of the glass and polished architecture of the high economy that follows the principles of functionality, the aesthetics of the polished and luxurious and the ideology of the exclusive kept alive by the low service economies of the street.The EPFL is an example of the curving of the horizontal, an open flowing space for flexible inhabitation and a landscaped site.
Models: from a clean white model towards a crude materialityCurving the horizontal to create a new public space under the skin of the street. Merging the high and low economies; an economic and cultural renegotiation of space. Aim: dIversifying the monocultural ethos of the CityUnderstanding the site, investigating context. A programatic approach to designing an infrastructure that is loosely programmed and allows various flows and inhabitations of the spaces provided. An urban intervention that aims to create journeys and spaces that excavate and cut into the ground. New low economy functions are provided with a space next to the newly built iconic skyscrapers of the city. Plans through different heights, exposing the depths and the neighbouring relations as well as the contoured landscaped streets.