Diploma 5



Reversal Delicacy is an island of New York City where architecture is reduced to the rule of reversal. A new realm of publicness emerges,shifting from consumption to domesticity. It is an invitation to a seriesphysiological rituals and a catalyst for social experiments and emancipations. Walls are dematerialized into glass curtains, rooms are taking the characteristics of corridors, doors never open or close, the skies are never blue and the curtain, scent and temperature and furniture usually secondary, are turned into the most powerful architectural element, but almost inexistent.


This experiment is materialized in a island called “reversal delicacy”, located on what used to be mill rock island. A space only accessible by boat from manhattan, bronx and queens, from 8pm until 8am. Reversal Delicacy is an island of the archipelago of New York. The building is hiding the island and only at some points small  rocks can be perceived from the main islands.Reversal delicacy sits in the the east river.  New yorkers are receiving invitations to access the island.It is an island by invitation only, exclusively for new yorkers.The 47 rooms are thermal gardens. During each route, one is experiencing the total range of temperature, from -5 to +45 degrees, because pleasure is felt at extreme temperatures. The heat or cold sources come from the furniture.
physiological: nutrition
displacement: density
element: 2 chairs, 10 m long table
temperature: 35 degrees
physiological: excretion
displacement: portable
element: 10 portable toilets, 3 tables
temperature: 25 degrees
route: number 4ROOM 33: FEAR GARDEN
physiological: breath
displacement: time
element: 40  “9.11” scents nozzles
temperature: 5 degrees
route:  number 4ROOM 38: BUBBLE GARDEN
physiological: purification
displacement: size
element: 1 bathtub, 10 000 litres of soap
temperature: 30 degrees
route: number 4ROOM 36: GEYSER GARDEN
physiological: purification
displacement: size
element: 40 artificial geysers of oxygen water
temperature: 40 degrees
route: number 5Slumped glass panels prototypes (1:10 & 1:20)It is the story of a social experiment between a limited number of people, 50 new yorkers. The experiment consists in transforming a house. Elements of an apartment are simplified, reversed and converted into a very controlled sequence of physiological programs in 47 private rooms.