George Fergusson
Showing with construction lines the designer of the object's intentional use of harmonious geometry. (Propmaster)(Propmaster)Comparing the drawn panorama projected directly on to a flat wall to the stretched image of the panorama projected on to three walls. (Through the Looking Glass)Tuning fork with casted resin handle and measurements taken of the object. (Propmaster)(Through the Looking Glass)A monument is proposed in the abstracted form of the monument of Miramont on the site of a V2 bomb site nearest to where the comedy 'Passport to Pimlico' was filmed. It is to refer to the transfer of culture that the British government promoted during WW2, that of small mountain village-esque communities as referenced by the makers of the movie with their frequent inclusion of 'Miramont' in street names. (On Location)(Self Portrait as a Film Still)A drawing to illustrate how movement of illuminated hammocks could be used to attract attention from cyclists on a bike trail. (Make Yourself at Home)1) Compares a projection of a flat image with an image projected on to three walls, where one may see the latter from different angles.
2) Shows how an image on three walls is truer than a flat image composed of flattened perspectives.
(Through the Looking Glass)(Self Portrait as a Film Still)