hussam dakkak
Diploma 7

The Aqua cultural era in Haiti.

Water is the new petrol. It is expected the world will eventually fight over water. In Haiti water is already the most valuable commodity. Clean drinking water is the major resource Haiti is lacking.
The 2010 Earthquake left many people homeless and displaced, with severe damage caused to the buildings and infrastructure of Haiti. The earthquake has also led to the sporadic and rapid outbreak of cholera, due to the lack of clean and healthy drinking water.

Nothing is more sustainable that the ocean.

The coastline of Port au Prince is seen as potential territories in which the power of the ocean and water can be harnessed and utilized for energy generation, social rehabilitation and a kick starter to an energy efficient and dependant Haitian nation.

Envisaging a tidal barrage breakwater, and branching and growing out of the barrage a network of nerves; nerves that branch out in the form of desalination pipes and aqua cultural territories that establish the ground work for harnessing the power of the ocean for both energy and clean drinking water purposes. 

The need for alternative energy generation in Haiti is desirable; as the country is already deforested and borrows its energy from neighboring Dominican Republic. The need for clean drinking water however is critical; something so essential yet lacking.

The concept proposed tackles primary agendas related to water and the proposal is seen as a primary structure or rather a template designed to accommodate future and further development in the rehabilitation of the Haitian nation.

The masterplan of the aqua cultural territories proposed of the coast of Port Au Prince. The form is inspired by the concept of fractal geometry, and consists of branches of varying lengths and widths.The plan is of a zoomed-in part of the proposal. Highlighting the different programmes in effect; a market zone and the residential compounds and the offset promenades and dipping points for the desalination pipes.Volumetric extrusions of the fractal pattern in 3D. An attempt to formalise an architecture that translates the fractal language also in 3D.An inward perspectival drawing of the residential compound unit. The predominant theme of the architecture entails the desalination pipes that extend throughout the aqua cultural reefs.A perspectival section into the market area. The architecture also incorporates the desalination pipes. The fractal pattern is translated to inform the sectional profile of the architecture; the market as suggested in this drawing. A profile section into the market area. Highlighted are the enclosed spaces that are created as a result of the fractal pattern. A drawing that highlights the market architecture from its side profile. Further highlighted is the connection point established between the market and the residential compounds.A visual render outlook from the market onto the residential compound and smaller network architecture.A visual render showing the smaller networks across the fractal master plan. The presented render specifically visualises the networks that span the residential compounds.A sectional physical model of the proposal. The format of the model is quite abstract as it suggests the volumetric voids (spaces) that are created as a result of the fractal pattern. The base is made using perspex, and the sectional profiles of the architecture are of timber. The volumetric voids are stl* 3D printed models, and the pipes are modeled using piano wires.