Inter 6
Minimal Surface concrete structure used to regenerate Kowloon Wholesale Fruit market in Hong Kong into mixed use, porous structure that channels circulation, natural ventilation and light
Sections and images of YMT Wholesale Fruit Market in Kowloon, Hong KongPreserving Concrete structures for regenerationModules are placed on the site and the size of voids were specifically controlled for the programsCirculation diagrmams for housing, commercial areas and gardens.Mixture of different types of apartments and public/private gardens with extended new market are placed on the same level.S,M,L types of apartments with centralised partition layout.The transition between commercial and private spaces will be placed on top of the old market where the housing level starts. The porous structure channels light and air to the market Sectional Model showing different size of  apartment types in a community with private access. Also New Market spanning over Old market with public gardens accessable from the apartments.Ground Floor - Old and new market mixed with access to housing in a seperated circulation

Housing Level - Various sizes of apartments distributed around communal gardens in the middle for  the community¡¯s interaction

Roof - Specifically Controled air/light filter voids will channel air circulation, natural ventilation and sunlight to the market and housing