jin kim
Diploma 8

Corporation is often descried as a tall buildings in the city centre as an Isolation and architecturally typical plans were developed for the efficiency to accommodate many workers within the same building because Corporations were Focusing on the production

However, Corporations now trying to interact more with the public rather than focusing on the production, in this sence, Corporation should not be completely private entities and now need to provide civic activities to the city.

But the towers often exists as a private entity and there is a clear isolation from the city

Instead of reading corporation as a complete private enterprise, I am proposing a horizontal complex in order to maximise the interface between corporation and the city.

The element of ‘Void’ is to create the interface between Corporation and the City and much more open ‘Infrastructural Complex’.

‘Void’ which is the negative space which is not only an empty space and the element to separate and connect spaces, is organizined and designed to determine the hiearachy, Transparency and accessibility of positive space.

Positive space is controlled by Structural element ‘Column’ as a marking and sub-division of potential space. Therefore, I am providing the manual of framework of voids to control the interface, and the building layout will be adapted for different civic programmes.

The Void will interweave between corporation and the city to create Inspecific boundary between the Complex and the City.

‘More People will continue to migrate from farm to cities, more global clout will move from West to East’ – Saskia Sassen / Foreign Policy

Testing ground for the framework is Seoul, South Korea which is one of 4 Global Cities in Asia and because of this distinct economy situation where handful of Corporations called ‘Che-bol’ are controlling whole economy of South Korea.

The Site itself is the main business district where Corporation headquarters are densified and most of public activities happening where Government try to redevelope,

What Government is proposing on this site is creating huge Isolaion within the city centre with towers and the huge park separating the site from the city, eventhough, The vacancy of office space in Seoul is hitting 10%.

I am proposing to keep the existing City Fabric and public space is more distributed rather than exist as a huge isolation in the city.

With this proposal, it also benefits the low risk of failure than government proposal where this scheme can work itself where government proposal need whole site in order to work even if it fails.

My project was the test of new model of corporation which is rather than reading corporation as a complete private enterprise, proposing a horizontal complex in order to maximise the interface between corporation and the city to create in specific boundary between city and the corporation.

Organisation of voids creating specificity/indetermincy of positive spacesConstant point B, defining the corners of elements and A is acting as a driving force. When the spaces are overlapping, that's when it starts to create void space.Same logic applied to section and void is used to connect and separate spaces in different way.Different type of void design creating different hierarchy of positive space, vertical/horizontal circulation and different privacy.This time, linear void is organised in 'T' Shape.
Void is used as small courtyard and stairs and undetermined space is created around the void space.Comparison of city fabric between existing government proposal and my proposal.
Government proposal creates huge isolation within the city centre and my proposal creates in-specific boundary between complex and the city.Fragmented edges create less dominance of the complex in the city.Showing activity of void space.
In daytime, void is more active with lights but at nighttime, positive space and void as connection spaces are more active.Ground floor of complex is more opened to the city and city is brought into the complex.Different type and hierarchy of void organisation controlling different hierarchy of connection and separation between complex and the city.