jon charles lopez
Diploma 11

A City Unmade

The making of the city by capital force is questioned, and redirected into a long term strategy of accumulation and accretion, whereby the physical histories of a former back-land in Dalston are supported, partially deconstructed, and re-employed as devices to carve out a series of urban interiors within the confines of a commercial development.

As a result, the structural vocabulary of the master-planned podium slab is intensified into a topographic patchwork that both anticipates and distorts the incoming housing development, subjecting the city to constant revision in a continual process of making and unmaking - an admission of the inevitability of future transformation and shift unaccounted for in the existing master plan for the site.

By asking what can be gained by slowness, the project relies on frgmentation and aggregation over time to transform a mechanism of infrastrcture into a seamless continuation of the city, its past and unknown futures.