kwan lim
Diploma 7

My vision is- in Haiti, all inhabitants will have access to free energy to power their needs. My project is entitled RIGHT TO ENERGY.

 RIGHT TO ENERGY as an energy infrastructure is located at one of the most destructed neighborhood in Port- Au- Prince- the Delmas commune.

 As the poorest country in the Western HemisphereHaiti suffers from , energy poverty, economic  underdevelopment, environmental devastation.

 The introduction of an energy infrastructure is justifiable to the criteria required to help rebuild and reconstruct post- earthquake Haiti. With free energy received, basic livelihood & eventually trading activities can flourish.

I hope that with RIGHT TO ENERGY, production of free energy is sustainable within the neighborhood and the residence- on- site can foster a spirit of co-existence & community, which they could later extend to other Haitians. This proposal is a joint venture between the Haitian government & the international donating community.

 My project employs the Concentrated Solar Tower as a system to generate energy. The heliostat mirrors concentrates optic ray/sunlight, which then re-direct and focus the ray to a point at the tower. At the sun tower, electricity is generated through the working mechanism of heat, steam and turbines.